Julian Rock Byron Bay is just another name for snorkeling

Julian Rocks Byron Bay counts as unique when it comes to having the opportunity to snorkel, but at the same time swim with the spectacular marine tropical spices that are to be found on the Great Barrier Reef; amongst them animals from the far deep southern Ocean of Australia. Three different turtle species are found here, plus a range of mantas, corals both soft and hard, sharks and heaps of fish species of fish.

A top snorkeling destination
Not everyone wants to dive; heaps of people just want to snorkel and see the sights around them. And this means you can join up with a daily snorkeling tip. A day’s trip to the Julian Rocks Marine Reserve will give you an exciting sight-seeing trip; you will get the hire of the snorkeling gear and even a free snorkeling lesson if you so require. On these day trips, you will be under the supervision of diving staff; there to ensure that you derive the most pleasure, entertainment, and sight-seeing adventure out of your trip. When you get back to the dive shop, the diving crew will even help you to identify everything you spotted. It’s no wonder Julian Rocks in Byron Bay is ranked one of the best snorkeling spots in Australia; yip, that’s according to the Australian Geographic Magazine, noted to be even more popular than the famed Great Barrier Reef. But it’s because you get truly unusual, unique marine life and top snorkeling places, and the snorkeling tours are available each and every day.  As a snorkeler, you will get the chance to visit some of the most sheltered and protected areas to view marine life in their abundance. You will always feel so safe snorkeling with the boat always nearby.

On your boat trip out to Julian Rocks Byron Bay, it will be a surprise and delight to espy whales and dolphins frolicking; although that will be when they are in season. Cape Bryon, situated right on the eastern point in Australia, means it is the ideal spot to do some whale watching. If the timing is right and the ocean conditions are good, some great sightseeing opportunities will come your way.

From beginner to pro in no time
Don’t believe that you wouldn’t be able to go along to Julian Rocks Byron Bay on a daily snorkel trip if you can’t snorkel. Never – even before you go out, free snorkel lessons are offered at on-site heated pools for those who think they don’t have enough experience. The lessons usually start about 30 minutes before heading out to Julian Rocks. At the Byron Bay Dive Centre, operating for 20 years, take snorkelers and divers to six of the sites around the Julian Rocks. If you can swim and you are comfortable in the water, you will be able to snorkel. You can’t miss out on a trip out to the Rocks because this is where the Coral Sea meets up with the wildness and splendor of the Southern Ocean, giving visitors unique opportunities of seeing both the fish from the Great Barrier Reef and the fish from the Sydney side mingling; an abundance of ecosystems support all the various species. Turtles rank as one of the main highlights of diving and snorkeling at Julian Rocks Marine Reserve. You will see greens, hawksbills and loggerheads, residing here all year round.

Go on, take the exciting plunge, and take the trip to Julian Rocks for a snorkeling adventure, truly of a lifetime!