Rottnest Island WA

Follow your heart to the best snorkeling at Rottnest, Western Australia

You just got to know where to go on Rottnest Island to find the best snorkeling places – after all, this island houses over 13 shipwreck sites, heaps of coral species and over 360 fish species. Putting it plainly, it’s a paradise for the snorkeler, full of underwater wonders and colors. Take your pick of different snorkeling sites to be found along the many bays all around this island, suitable for both the novice and experienced snorkeler.


Something for the novice

If you want to do snorkeling on your own, you can reach the different snorkeling sites by hiring a bike – awesome by the way! If biking sounds a bit hectic for you, you can try the Island-Explorer-Bus. This takes passengers to all the snorkeling hot spots, but also fantastic places just to explore. For the novice snorkeler, you will never be at a loss to find a wide selection of trails. Green Island and The Basin are safe even for kids, and of course the novice. This is because here the water is calm and shallow. Another wonderful site for the novice would be Pocillopora Reef at Parker Point where tropical fish will delight – underwater plagues along the snorkeling trial will provide you with plenty of information on the inhabitants of the sea. Other excellent sites for novices are the Nearshore Reefs at Little Salmon Bay, Green Island, Coral Patch, Surfers Lagoon at Salmon Bay and many more. If you are a novice and want to rather join a ‘snorkeling tour’, they will supply your gear for you.


Plenty of snorkeling spots for the experienced swimmer and snorkeler

Even though there are no shortages when it comes to excellent beaches and bays for snorkeling around this beautiful island, some are ranked as better than others. Some people seem to think that the four mentioned below are the best places to snorkel around – you decide.

1.Parker Point Promontory, situated on the south coast of the island, is rated as a top destination on Rottnest Island, especially for confident experienced snorkelers.

2.Rottnest’s West end is another top destination, an extremely beautiful part of Rottnest. The West End is a must-see destination and it overlooks Cape Vlaming on your west and Fish Hook Bay out East. There are huge waves to watch crashing against magnificent rock formations – the views are outstanding. These are fantastic beaches to snorkel at for strong swimmers and snorkelers:

  • Fish Hook Bay
  • Eagle Bay
  • Henrietta Rocks
  • Hayward Cape
  1. Kitson Point is also a number one hot spot for snorkeling. Remote Kitson Point is situated on the south side of the island with stunning reefs and bays. There is a place called Mary Cove which is perfect for snorkelers, sheltered from the waves with a network of reefs in shallow water and also close to the shore.
  2. North Point is where the waves are at their maximum, it’s no wonder the Margaret River Surfing Pro is held here for top surfers to participate in. But it’s also a snorkeling paradise at these top spots:
  • Little Armstrong Bay
  • Armstrong Point
  • Parakeet Island
  • Parakeet Bluff
  • Little Parakeet Bay


Look at this essential guide to explore the Rottnest snorkeling paradise for exciting tours and adventures. Somehow we think you will always go back for more!