Lady Elliott Island QLD

Snorkeling on Lady Elliot Island fit for a King

Lady Elliot Island is a snorkeling dream for those who want to learn snorkeling and for experienced snorkelers and divers. With snorkeling, you get up real close and personal with the striking colors and wonders of the marine life that make their home at the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkeling on the reefs that surround Lady Elliot Island is so easy to access; it’s just walking straight from the golden beach into the enticing waters. But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, it’s so easy to get entranced by the sights to be seen from a glass-bottomed boat where you can experience a guided snorkel tour, or even go on a snorkeling safari! If you are a guest staying overnight on Lady Elliott Island, a snorkeling tour in a glass-bottomed boat is included in your overnight price or day tour visitors.

Snorkeling changes the way you holiday
The two entry sites for snorkeling on Lady Elliot Island are to be found on the west side of the island; these are Coral Gardens and Lighthouse. The Lagoon is on the east side of the island and is the ideal place for the novice snorkeler. You will never get tired of the vibrant colors of the coral, the tropical fish, the sea cucumbers, sea urchins, starfish, clams, and turtles – it’s a place to be entertained for hours on end. The real experienced snorkelers rate their most amazing and exciting snorkeling adventures in the world to be that of Lady Elliot’s and her beautiful blue Lagoon.

As an experienced snorkeler, you will be drawn to the west side of the island, where you will find exciting sea-life like never before, such as Reef Sharks, Mantas, Whales, and Dolphins; let alone the fish and coral that all make up this incredible biodiversity of this special and unique coral cay. As a beginner, if you want a quick refresher course, you would find these get conducted every day in the pool where you are accommodated. Your snorkel equipment, which includes mask, snorkel, and fins will be provided to you free of charge to all guests – these you collect at the dive shop and can keep it in your possession for as long as your say on Lady Elliot Island. Register for your lessons at the dive shop. On Lady Elliott Island, there are also self-guiding snorkel trails that accommodate all levels of snorkeler experience from the beginner to the more advanced; these will be found on your map which will be provided.

Even though snorkeling doesn’t require medical forms or a diving medical certificate in Australia, it nevertheless is an activity physical enough to increase your risk if you would suffer from the exertion that snorkeling brings, such as if you have a lung or heart disease.

Snorkeling and natural wonders – what more could you want?

As a nature lover, you will have a brilliant time on Lady Elliot Island, with knowledgeable staff on hand to keep you fully informed. Lady Elliot Island literally is paving the way in being eco-conscious – teaching people to enjoy the magnificent nature, but also how to look after it – declared a Green Zone and meaning taking nothing of the biodiversity, no fishing, and no spearing.

Snorkeling on Lady Elliot Island is like swimming around in the biggest aquarium in the world, offering snorkelers unparalleled diving and snorkeling locations, with the world’s biggest coral reef system at your tip of your snorkels!