Get started with snorkeling for the best Australian holiday ever!

When you look at how easy and graceful snorkeling looks, there are few people that haven’t yearned; haven’t dreamed of such a holiday – where they can discover one of the greatest outdoor activities to participate in. All it requires is a bit of practice, not much gear, and you can disappear underwater, immersing yourself in another dream world. For many, snorkeling is much more fun than scuba diving with all its tanks, diving apparatus, and weights. Snorkeling gear is so light and easy; you simply toss it in your day-bag with your beach kit, ready to hit those golden sands and aquamarine waters. No restrictions on time when it comes to snorkeling.

So you’re a beginner to snorkeling?
As a beginner, in fact even if you are not, it is always best to snorkel with someone, just in case you meet with trouble. If you are taking children out snorkeling for the first time, or you yourself can’t swim that well, there are a couple of tips to learn that will make your snorkeling experience even more fun:

1.When you bath at home, experiment with your mask and snorkel to see if you are able to breathe normally and relax with your face being in the water. There are some who find this extremely hard to do. Practice – telling yourself it isn’t hard to do – this will help you to be able to get into the idea of snorkeling and breathing.

2.A good idea is to find yourself a good snorkeling site or pool where it will easy to step easily into the water, getting deeper as you go along. Fist timers enjoy being able to feel the ground beneath them if they start feeling panicky. If you are going on holiday to, or live near the Great Barrier Reef, then pontoon snorkeling, cay or island snorkeling tours are easier than snorkeling directly from a boat. The pontoons are usually glass-bottomed for those who don’t swim.

3.Sometimes, pool-noodles or float-coats that keep you afloat are good for those who want to practice snorkeling, because it gives them confidence holding on to something.

Get good gear for snorkeling
Starting with snorkeling requires investing in reliable gear. That means masks that fit properly; decent rubber sealing so water doesn’t seep in and top notch snorkels. If you buy good gear and you rinse it off well after use, it can last you for years. When holidaying in places like the Great Barrier Reef, included in ticket prices for snorkeling trips is your gear, provided as part of the package.  If you decide to go on a Snorkel Safari Course, valuable tips will be learned, such as 

  • de-fogging and clearing your mask
  • practicing flotation techniques
  • swimming on the surface
  • clearing your snorkel of water
  • surface diving
  • underwater maneuvers

Doesn’t it sound exciting! These programs will cover ranges of topics, providing beginners and others with valuable insights about snorkeling equipment, the pressure effects of water, air and water on your body and all-round general awareness of your marine environment.

Let the good times roll

Getting started with snorkeling
with some good tips and practice on a Great Barrier Reef holiday is a downright exciting adventure, something you can do all year around. It’s quite true to say that snorkeling is kind of addictive; it turns future holidays into unforgettable times!