Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Let Snorkeling the Ningaloo Reef Western Australia set you free

If you are in the area of Exmouth, Cora Bay or near Carnarvon, Western Australia, then snorkeling the Ningaloo Reef has got to be top of your list. Don’t go away without seeing what is considered to be probably the last of the ocean wonderlands left on earth. And all you need do to access this paradise is just simply to step off the beach and under the sparkling waters to discover these natural wonders. If you wish, you can even link up with a tour group who will take you on an exploration of the magnificent coral gardens, to share the water with the deep-water giants of the seas, the whale shark, i.e. if you are there between March and July. This glorious piece of earth is naturally a UNESCO World Heritage site, where a huge abundance and diversity of Australia’s native plants and animals can be found. Some of the best snorkeling opportunities are found here, beside the Great Barrier Reef, of course.

What to see that makes the Ningaloo Reef unique and special?


  1. To see the whale sharks

These whales grow to around 10 meters long and are the largest fish you will see – double that of the great white shark. They only feed on plankton, and swimming alongside them is a unique experience – over 500 of these magnificent creatures come to this reef every year to feed.

  1. Beautiful coral reefs that will take your breath away

Ningaloo still remains untouched by the very unfortunate coral bleaching which is beginning to devastate parts of the Great Barrier Reef. At Ningaloo, it still is a beautiful sight to see.

  1. You can snorkel from off the beach

Ningaloo Reef is extremely accessible, more so than the Great Barrier Reef. Some parts of the Reef are a mere 500 meters away from shore. You could snorkel there on your own steam or you can kayak there too if you like. Turquoise Bay, Lakeside, Coral Bay and Oyster Stacks are all excellent points of entry for your snorkeling adventure.

  1. Remote – far from the maddening crowds

That’s because Ningaloo is a long way off from anywhere and mass tourism has not yet quite reached the Ningaloo Coast.


Unspoiled nature a once in a lifetime opportunity to see


It is amazing to view thousands of humpback whales migrating along the Western Australian coast each year.  Visiting Ningaloo reef, you might just get the chance to swim with them, however, bear in mind that there are strict regulations as to how close you can get to them. Apart from humpback whales, there are dolphins, turtles, manta rays and dugongs to see. Over 500 species of fish abound, there are over 300 coral species and over 600 mollusk species. You will truly fall in love with this underwater world. If you join a tour and you go past the reef to the open sea, you will no doubt espy the magnificent manta ray, and if you keep your respectful distance, you will find that they will keep you very entertained and the tour guides are a wealth of information as well.

Get to Ningaloo Reef for the snorkeling experiences you won’t forget easily – it really is time for you to splash out!