Jervis Bay NSW

Happiness all round snorkeling at Jervis Bay, New South Wales

There is a real diversity of marine life and sheer snorkeling entertainment to be found for the nature lover plus the pleasure seeker at Jervis Bay. Jervis Bay offers fabulous and varied snorkeling destinations but we will mention three of some highly sought after destinations. These snorkeling locations can be found at Murray’s Beach, Hyams Beach and Gordon’s Bay and if you don’t plan on traveling with your snorkeling gear on your trip, don’t worry; there are many places where you can hire all the required equipment at different dive shops.  Most diving in Jervis Bay is boat diving but you can also shore dive from Hyams Beach. Divers can witness amazing and diverse underwater topography, including arches, caves and rock stacks. There is also a great variety of sea life, which includes gropers, wrasses, sharks, cuttlefish and sea dragons.


  • Murray’s Beach

This snorkeling jewel is to be found in the magnificent Booderee National Park. You will find it hard to find such beautiful, pristine and clear waters and white pearly sands; it just makes it fantastic for families, situated in a cozy and protected bay. Not only will you enjoy your snorkeling but because it’s in the national park, you will love the various self-guided walks in this area.

  • Hyams Beach

This beach is famed for its stretches of magnificent long beaches. Hyams Beach boasts many secluded coves with rock pools, walking trails and sights of the amazing wildlife. Hyams will never disappoint when it comes to the ultimate swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and kayaking paddle boarding destination. Jervis Bay is world-renowned for its top class diving. Right opposite the beautiful coves of Hyams Beach, and at the south end of Murrays Beach, some of the best snorkeling can be enjoyed.  Whilst snorkeling in this underwater wonderland, keep a look out for colorful fish life and other sea life such as fluorescent cuttlefish, whales, dolphins, seals and the like.

  • Gordon’s Bay

For those who live in Sydney and around, you don’t even have to travel far from the city to find some of the best snorkeling spots. Gordon’s Bay is nestled snugly between Coogee and Clovelly, a really secluded bay and one of Sydney’s bright pearls. This bay is protected by an offshore reef, with lovely calm and sheltered waters for snorkelers to explore. You will thoroughly enjoy the underwater nature trail in this bay.


Do it alone, with friends, or with a tour

A really nice way to go snorkeling and to see some really remote sites of Jervis Bay is to join a tour such as Dive Jervis Bay. They will take you to a couple of snorkeling locations around Jervis Bay if you are interested in a half day trip and they will see to it that all your snorkeling equipment is provided. You will find a tour like this awesome – look out for seals and whales. If you prefer exploring on your own or with a couple of your friends, you will thoroughly love the small beaches and bays that are around Abrahams Bosom Reserve and Currarong – not only for snorkeling but walking trials as well. The reserve is packed with fauna and flora wonders. One thing about Jervis Bay – you will literally have a whale of a time!